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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – What You Can Do to Get Involved in the Community

October is breast cancer awareness month when people all over the world show their support for people affected by breast cancer. This year, coronavirus has taken all the headlines when it comes to healthcare, but that doesn’t mean that breast cancer has gone away! In fact, it’s very much the opposite. Breast cancer treatment is more important than ever as global stay-at-home orders and social distancing regulations have meant the usual large-scale fundraising events can’t take place. We must all do our part to help keep funds rolling in for breast cancer, which is why we’ve put together some simple ideas for how you can get involved in breast cancer fundraising in your local area.

1. Get Involved in Sports Events

Most large sports events have been canceled in 2020, and this is the same for large fundraising sports events such as marathons. However, technology has enabled people to run remotely tracked marathons as well as other events. This is a great way to still take part in an event without the need to put yourself or others in danger while raising lots of money for breast cancer treatment. If you’re not able to run a marathon or take part in a similar event, you could get creative and do something that’s still a challenge but within your ability level.

2. Bake to Save Lives

There’s no better time for baked goods than fall. Pumpkin-spiced cakes, chocolate chip cookies, and warm bread are all perfect for when the leaves start to fall and the temperatures drop. So, why not get involved in a bake sale to raise some money for breast cancer awareness month? Using social media, you could even hold a “virtual” bake sale, so you don’t need to go from house to house.

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3. Hold a Competition

Everyone likes a good competition. So why not set up one that people can enter to win a prize? By charging a small entrance fee, you might be surprised at how much money you could raise. Great ideas for competitions include quizzes, design and art competitions, or even an exciting chili cook-off!
six women lined up all wearing pink shirts with pink ribbons

4. Used Book Sales

We’ve all got old books lying around, but how many do we actually read? So, why not ask friends and family to donate old books for a book sale to raise money? To keep things safe during the pandemic, you could hold this online through a platform such as eBay or Facebook to reach a wider audience in a social-distanced way.

5. Give It up Challenges

Giving up things is a challenge in itself. You could ask friends and family to donate if you give up something that you love. This could be anything from meat or cigarettes to fries or Uber rides! This is a great way to raise a bit of extra money in a free and simple way.
There are hundreds of different ways you can creatively raise money for breast cancer month. If you want some more ideas, give us a call at TruCare Home Care to see what we have going on during this important month.